Most corporations struggle with fostering a sense of ownership and belonging among employees.

While it sounds great in theory, it’s hard to assimilate an employee’s identity into something as abstract as a company. This is, in large part, because of the disconnection workers feel between the work they do and the effects that work has in the real world. The result is a lack of ownership and recognition with regard to their failures and successes.

But employees are human, so you need to understand them, and reach out to them.

Ever notice how people enthusiastically dress up for a theme party? That’s because the theme serves a greater purpose than just allowing people to exchange social niceties and dine under a chandelier.

The guests feel connected by the shared theme which manifests in the form of the dress code. They feel ownership over their attire and the spirit of the occasion.

The same strategy can be emulated in businesses with the help of customized uniform badges for employees. Here are some of the marketing benefits of using them.

· Professionalism 

The best way to plant the seeds of belonging in employees is by taking actions that make them proud of their workplace. From janitors to executives, people operate based on the same cognitive mechanism: does my work add value to my self-worth. No profession is demeaning if you realize its importance in the industry and social structure.

Even the most menial jobs—such as janitorial services—add immense value to our standard of living by maintaining hygiene. Enabling employees to realize this will automatically make them feel confident about their work.

Embroidering customized company badges on their uniforms serves this purpose as well. It makes them feel like professionals who are responsible for a job that no one can do better than them. As a business, you probably know how indispensable motivated employees are. So get embroidering!

· Interactive advertising

Businesses need to draw a line between healthy advertising and being too sales-y. Customers often complain about being badgered excessively by salespeople, receiving a flood of advertisement emails, and being bombarded with fliers.

Seasoned entrepreneurs know just how important it is to keep the ball in their court by staying on the good side of prospective customers.

This reveals how effective passive marketing and interactive advertising can be. A lucrative manner of doing this is through value-added uniform designs.

Adding customized badges to uniforms can communicate a message without being overt. It also tells audiences that you pay attention to detail, and that you value your employees.

A cordial salesperson who pleases a customer will be remembered for their polite smile and the company badge on their breast pocket.

· Team unity 

The clothes we wear add personality to our appearance, and contrary to popular belief, uniforms can take this a step further. While they do offer a unified front, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a unique outlook. That unique look can then be seen as your company’s personality, which is embodied in your customers.

While brand colours and identical designs are a common practice in designing uniforms, you can be unique by customizing them—such as by using, you guessed it, customized badges.

This is particularly effective because the entire workforce feels united under the same company banner. The customized badge is the link between them and your mission and vision. And nothing triggers healthy progress better than team unity. 

· Easy identification 

Company stalls at tradeshows are like app icons clustering around your smartphone’s interface. In a moment of hurry, you barely have time to read the app names.

Your eyes are darting around the screen, looking for a familiar icon. It’s in that moment that visual cues take precedence over textual identification.

Customized badges are like app icons embroidered on employee uniforms. At business events where there are thousands of companies crowding the space, visitors identify each by their logos.

It’s as important to look like you belong to your company as it is to design catchy tradeshow banners.

Wear your company badge right over your heart, where it belongs.

If you’re looking for a place to get uniform embroidery and custom fabric badges made from, come to us in Melbourne.