Promotional campaigns are an invaluable resource for businesses to boost sales and expand outreach. However, they’re not a foolproof method that works in every situation. Businesses often struggle with identifying promotions that have benefited their business and promotions that haven’t. It’s extremely crucial for them to choose campaigns that are basically redundant because they’re a drain on their funds.

It’s this insight they need to boost their promotional programs and increase their effectiveness. Retailers are in search of promotional plans that can help them run fewer promotions that are optimally effective and lift sales noticeably.

Here are some tips that can help your business ace in a challenging retail environment.

Dependence on Promotions

As much as promotions are helpful in securing more sales and improving ranks in the retail arena, they too need to be moderated. Businesses fail to accrue maximum benefits from promotions because they’re either depending on them too much or too less.

To rectify these errors, it’s important for business specialists to chart out a graph of diminishing returns and track the company’s progress on it. If the business is at a point before the point of diminishing returns, it needs to scale up promotions. If it’s operating at a point beyond that of diminishing returns, it needs to cut back. The sole purpose of this is to realize when a business is under spending or overspending on promotions, and optimize accordingly.

A Four-Part Solution

Here are four pointers that you need to keep in mind before setting off your promotional campaign.

  1. Have a clear and comprehensive promotion strategy: aim, target audience, measures, results.
  2. Keep your processes fact-based and objective so that the performance is measurable.
  3. Brush up your organizational skills and make sure all teams are on the same page.
  4. Checking the performance regularly.

Deploy Big Data Analytics

Once your promotion campaign is in place and running, all you should be concerned with is the results they’re producing. An effective way of doing that is to use big data analysis so that you know exactly how much economic value each promotion is offering.

One of the major reasons promotions fail is because companies have incomplete or incorrect sales data that leads to wrong measures. It’s important to have analysts who can evaluate data in the present so that proactive measures can be taken to avoid disasters. For instance, big data analytics wouldn’t just consider actual sales, as a result of promotions, but also incremental sales. Because that offers a holistic view of the performance.

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