Customised products are a marketing tradition that has now been used for decades. Of all the promotional items brands have been using to communicate their identities, customised caps with embroidery are, incontestably, the most quintessential.

But what’s different than the traditional items is that it’s a lot easier and quicker to create a promotional cap these days.  That’s especially true if you reach out to us at Austcoast. We work with startups and large-scale businesses in many industries, including fashion, food, hospitality, beauty, health care, and beyond.

While the idea of customised caps may seem ordinary, many unique elements are added to make an iconic cap design. If you want to create an appealing cap design that projects the identity of your business, and that your customers will flaunt in front of their friends, then you must keep these three tips in mind. Read on!

Simplicity Is the Key

Embroidery is a more delicate and complicated process than screen printing. Mainly, in case of caps, it requires more precision and careful selection of the right colours because caps have less space. You don’t want to load your hat with different shades of embroidered designs, which would ultimately hide your business logo and sabotage the primary purpose of your custom cap.

Minimal, bold designs, with wider lines, will make your slogan or logo stand out – simply beautiful!

Don’t Rush the Color Selection

While you’re choosing the design for embroidery, be mindful of how many colours you can use per hat. Also, make sure that the colours sync well with your business logo. According to research on colour psychology by Colorcom, people tend to asses a product subconsciously within the first 90 seconds of viewing it. The study also revealed that colour, alone, drives 60 to 90 per cent of that judgement.

Businesses can boost their brand recognition by up to 80 per cent if they effectively pick the colours for promotional products, logo design, and packaging.  

Pick the Right Type of Embroidery

Embroidery for Caps: Our Top Tips for Creating Your Dream Hat Design

Choosing the right embroidery type can be difficult, but we’ll help you out here. The two most used and stellar embroidery types are 3D Puff and Flat. To pick the best “one” out of the two, you’ll have to weigh their pros and cons as per the design you’ve chosen.

3D Puff gives your embroidery, well, a “3D” touch, as the name suggests. This type of embroidery is raised, puffy, bolder, and wider. If you plan on choosing this, make sure your design has thicker lines, lesser curves, and no complications. It is best for basic picture-based or letter-based logos. With this embroidery, you can catch the viewers’ attention with a simplistic design.

Flat embroidery, on the other hand, doesn’t feel raised or embossed. It looks levelled on the fabric of the cap. This type of embroidery gives you a broader canvas to play with a curvy, swirly, and an edgy design. It’s great if your logo or design requires a detailed picture or a free-flowing font.

Are you planning to create a dreamy custom embroidered cap? Get in touch with us at 1300 100 250. We are the pioneers in fast stupendous cap embroidery in Melbourne, and we can assist you in picking a stellar design for your hat. Check out our full range of customised promotional products, here!