Adding a custom-designed embroidered slogan or logo to a garment is a sure-fire way of elevating your product above run-of-the-mill promotional items. However, when it comes to creating your own embroidery design, there are some rules and guidelines that you need to keep in mind to ensure customers fall in love with your brand’s polo, shirt, or jacket at first sight. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over some dos and don’ts of creating a custom embroidery design. 

Do Keep the Design Simple

Since lines that are created with ink are always thinner than stitching, designs that look amazing on paper can become hard-to-read and convoluted when translated to fabric. There are brands that have evolved into fashion empires by using easily recognisable, simple branding. North Face, Lacoste, and Polo are just a few that spring to mind. 

When it comes to embroidery, the old cliché, “less is more” rings true because of the transition from paper and ink to fabric and stitching. 

Don’t Go Too Big

Talking of clichés, if you’re thinking of “going big or going home” with your embroidery design, it would be best if you saved yourself the trouble and just went home. This is 2020, and only sports jerseys (team patches and squad numbers) look good with large embroidered pieces. If you use them on regular clothing, it’ll end up looking like costumes. 

Huge, garish, in-your-face pieces are a sure-fire way to ensure your garments end up in the giveaway pile. On the other hand, small, tastefully-designed embroidered pieces will add a touch of elegance to most garments. 

Do Use the Right Fabric

Embroidered logos and slogans generally work great with knits, denim and outerwear. However, it’s not the same story with performance fabrics and cotton. Embroidery pieces on lighter fabrics tend to look good when new, but become virtually unwearable after the first wash. 

Don’t Use Excessive Text Or A Highly-Detailed Logo

As we mentioned above, the increased thickness of stitching means that designs that look fab on paper don’t always look good on fabric. The text often becomes cramped, and highly-detailed logos tend to end up muddled in the transition. An effective way to avoid these situations is to use an acronym of your slogan or a basic version of your logo. 

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