Any form of sports involves a lot of emotional outbursts—both from the supporters and players. Sports outcomes can bring about feelings of shame, guilt, joy, pride, and even anxiety! As a team owner or sports marketeer, you can motivate and influence these emotions.

Here are some tips:

Go digital!

Social media keeps your fans and supporters engaged and informed. It creates an impact on your brand and helps you improve game attendance. You can use your digital and social media platforms to send out emails, update the game schedules, and sell tickets. Going digital also involves having a website or a supporter’s club for your fans to connect.

But there’s more to it. Through social media and digital platforms, the athletes can share more about their lives and connect with the supporters on a personal level. This humanizes your brand. They can go from being sportspersons to athlete influencers. This also makes it easier for you to attract partnerships and sponsorships from brands and agencies.

A sports fan wearing custom sportswear.

Print flyers

Flyers are very inexpensive and offer a lot of design freedom. They don’t take up a lot of space and can be easily distributed anywhere and everywhere. Unlike a digital platform, flyers are also very tangible. When a sports fan holds the flyer in their hands, you already get half the message across. You can also include some coupons and vouchers for the matches to get them to keep the flyers with them for a long time.

Sell club merchandise

The word ‘sports’ is synonymous with team spirit and unity! This is exactly what team merchandize does. It helps you get the fans involved and become a part of the community. If your fans love you, they would also love to carry a part of your brand elements with them wherever you go. As a sports team, this might be one of the most significant investments that you ever make.

Team merchandize also makes your team more recognizable—both on and off the field. It’s always great to see a fan roaming the streets of Melbourne in your Jersey. The fan advertises your team wherever they go. Custom merchandize enables them to act as brand ambassadors in their way.

It also intimidates your opponents and makes it easier for the spectators to spot your support group in the middle of the crowd. The supporters get something and someone to share their identity with. This further inculcates team spirit.

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